Data for Ethic
Detect and prevent abuse and harassment

Innovative, patented solutions to detect and prevent abusive behavior, harassment, and other toxic and inappropriate scenarios.
Data for Ethic - Detecting and preventing abuse and harassment
What do we stand for?
«Technology at the service of humankind» for a more ethical and responsible digital communication experience. Through our solutions, we offer something of value to every age group. We firmly believe that promoting empathy and good social practices from an early age is essential to reducing violence in our societies.
As a publisher of cutting-edge, patented software, our expertise spans both national and international spheres.
Explore our state-of-the-art software solutions and benefit from our pioneering expertise.

Data for Ethic

Our Solutions


Detect workplace toxicity with AI for a better Quality of Working Life.


Netethic Education

A platform to protect students and their supervisors from abuse and bullying.


Netethic Family

A state-of-the-art solution to keep your children safe.

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